Harem has virtually no cooldown between ports. She just needs enough time to orient herself, but “virtually” isn’t none, especially to a speedster. She’ll eventually tire from repeated teleports. It’s about as stressful as sprinting, so she can only do it for 25-30 seconds continuously. Still, that’s a lot of teleporting for her.  I had meant to show off the martial art she’s been working on that utilizes her teleporting, but she’s been running so much support that this page is the closest she’s come to combat so far. I need to decide if that’s a vital thing to have happen in this battle or if I can lose it for page count considerations. I’d like to show it and it’s only one page, maybe a double, but this is page 24 of the fight, basically an entire comic book worth already. Seeing as how this is their first big fight I don’t see anything wrong with that but I feel like I can be critical about what’s necessary to show off in this battle and what can be saved for the next one.

U. Kaya Yavuz, (AKA Greenstrider in the comments) supplied Silent Shadow as you know, though everyone including him seems to enjoy his ARCverse nickname Mach the Knife. Greenstrider said Mach can do the vibrate till you phase thing, but there’s so much you can do with super speed powers I thought it would be effective if he just sped up enough to get friction involved and burn off the ribbons. Good things they were designed for towing asteroids in the cold of space and not uh… lavaburgs. In a lava flow. Obviously it didn’t do much good for him since Harem was on the case. Really the point of this page was to show Sydney being useful and also to show that Arc-SWAT doesn’t rely on concussions to keep people out till they’re in the paddy wagon. Even minor concussions are dangerous and and it’s difficult to predict how long someone will be out from one, or what state they’ll be in when they come to. I’m tempted to say Harem’s hypospray uses M99, same as Dexter, since it’s extremely powerful and just as importantly, the antidote is nearly instantaneous, but reading up on it, it sounds so dangerous that I imagine Arc-SWAT would have something less risky. Still if they’re being constantly monitored by the wristband, maybe it’s a reasonable use case.

If you voted for Fred Perry’s NSFW game on Offbeatr, then you probably already got an email saying the project has gone live, and then another update 12 hours later saying it’s already been funded. If this if your first time hearing of the project there’s still plenty of time to get in on it, and there’s always the stretch goals. It also tells me you guys are my kind of people and has helped me make up my mind about something that might happen during the fight. :)

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