Vehemence seems to be losing control of the fight, though he fared the Anvil on the head with probably more resilience than the heroes would like. It’s obvious no one is going to accidentally snap his neck, so they’re ramping up the intensity.

To Anvil’s chagrin she’s not wearing her military grade bra, though to be fair, with her chest and that landing, the only thing that might have helped would have been a form fitting platemail curiass. She could have had her arms crossed under and across them but she was trying to stick the landing.

I’d meant to have Sydney calling out attack names throughout the fight, I actually may go and put them back in when I do a general cleanup pass while I’m putting the book together (possibly books, depending on whether or not it’s feasible to do a single volume as thick as this has the potential to be.) For instance on the page where Heatwave accidentally roasts two of the villains Sydney was supposed to lean in and yell “Toasty!” but I guess I forgot to add it.

I’m so pleased with the reactions to the previous page! My favorite comments where the ones where someone read it, then 5 minutes later were like “ZOMG I get it!” Harem may eventually have that moment.

Sorry I haven’t updated the vote incentive yet, but I somehow managed to finish two double pages this week so my extracurricular time was limited. Hopefully I’ll be able to put some time into it this week.

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