Not too much to say about this page, just a little pacing mostly. Clearly Vehemence is not finding Maxima’s act terribly intimidating. They are each being pretty overconfident which is bound to go bad for at least one of them.

#MakeComics: For those of you interested, here’s the original version of this page. I was trying to make it a one pager but it was just too rushed without the big faceoff panel. Plus it let me fit in the tumbleweed callback, which is a page that always makes me laugh.

In the meantime, here’s another fun webcomic I found recently. It’s done by Katie Rice, who, if any of you watched it, is the gal that won Penny Arcade’s Strip Search show, but it’s not her Camp Weedonwantcha comic, it’s the one she did before that (and is still doing). It’s called Skadi, and the best way to describe it I think is like The Legend of Bill only with a gross girl barbarian, and a little more Cartoon Network. It has a few strips that are slightly NSFW due to stylized cartoon nipples, but they’re few and far between.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey. I’ll make a permanent link for those somewhere on the page eventually.

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