I told you Maxima fights dirty. This is a maneuver her and Peggy had oft talked about but were never able to employ until now. In the previous page, Max and Vehemence were parallel to the street outside the restaurant, this page starts off with Max having her back to the strip mall. Imagine her pacing around Vehemence while they talk until Peggy gets them lined up and calls it in Max’s ear. It’s another thing I would have liked to have drawn into the page, but since this isn’t a manga and I’m not putting out 12 pages a week, it was a nice little moment of pacing I needed to cut.

Something else I decided to cut was the exchange that wound up with Concretia on the roof there behind Peggy. I’ll just say it involved a claymore and leave it at that.

Firing the Barrett on top of that air conditioner would be SO loud. It would be the loudener. The glass muffler of gun accessories.

I found a cool looking kickstarter that may be too late to save, but might be worth checking out if you like quirky RTS games. The elevator pitch is Robot Apocalypse vs. Cthulhu Apocalypse. Humans are the resources. The machines need ’em for oil, the Lovecraftian horrors need their souls. It’s called Human Resources (get it?) and has a decent pedigree of developers behind it. They need a cavalcade of support to make their goal at this point, but who knows, if they get a big boost today, then tomorrow maybe they get some gaming press which keeps them going for the big final push. If nothing else, their pitch video is pretty amusing so check that out at least. Edit: Welp, looks like Human Resources has pulled the plug. Their projection models weren’t showing anything promising and it was costing them time and money to run the kickstarter, which personally I find worrying since I’ll be running my own for the book in… a few… look, my ability to project the length of my story arcs is clearly something of a stat dump for me, but anyway a kickstarter is… in my future at some point.

I wish I had more time for games. I somehow managed to finish next week’s pages a day early so I indulged a little and got Injustice: Gods Among Us on steam and played through the single player campaign. I’m much more of a Street Fighter guy than a Mortal Kombat guy but it was fun enough, and the story was good, but it did have the problem of Joker getting punched through a stone wall then getting ground up by a mining machine and it only takes off 1/4 of his health bar. That’s the big problem with superhero fighting games (not that there are a lot of them unfortunately) but if it takes 1/4 of Superman’s health bar off, then when Harley Quinn gets hit by the same thing, there shouldn’t even be a molecule of her remaining. I know they had those super pills in the story, but the mining machine thing happened to Joker before he ever got his hands on them. If I made a superhero fighting game, I’d break the characters into tiers, and you wouldn’t be able to fight cross tier, or if you picked a lower tier, then it’d automatically become a team battle, like four vs one or something.

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