Merry Xmas to those of you who get up to that sort of thing. My present to you is a regularly scheduled comic. :) This was supposed to be an easy bottle episode type page but there’s actually at least a whole page worth of new art on it. :/

Given the limitations of the media, this is my attempt to visualize ADHD, or at least the ADD part. Just a bum rush of stuff going on with the occasional tangent taking you off to parts unknown unless you’re really trying to focus. Sydney seems to have found a way to leverage it with her medication waning just the right amount, even if Batman keeps trying to horn in. Speaking of Batman, this is the song stuck in her head now if you’re not familiar with it is this, obviously with “Batman” in place of “Scatman.”

When I originally envisioned this page, it almost completely laid out Sydney’s plan, obfuscated only by the fact that she was considering several different options, indicated by several running sets of arrows like a football play, but as I started building the page, I realized that would basically just spoil the next few pages. In a comic book, I think that would be ok since people probably wouldn’t spend up to 4 days flipping back through the book and recalling each scene with a checkmark on it, but everyone reading along now potentially has that luxury. I didn’t want to spoil the fun, so I omitted most of the checkmarks and threw in a lot of red herrings, which I think is fine cause it’s still in line with the ADD fueled blur of images. Not everything she dredges up will be useful after all, hence the red X’s everywhere.

Sebastian Shaw, for those of you who don’t know, is the character Keven Bacon played in X-Men: First Class. (The bad guy) His power was to absorb, store and release damage, so hitting him does nothing but make it so he can hit you back just as hard. Some of the ways the X-men ever beat Shaw are applicable to Vehemence, which is why Sydney’s drafting from that well. The reason he looks like colonial Wolverine on this page is that’s how he looks in the comic. Obviously for the movie they didn’t dress Bacon up like that, probably because someone was worried audiences would think he was Wolverine’s aristocratic brother or something. Mutton chops, owl hair, the lot. He dresses like 1800’s British upper class because that’s how everyone in the Hellfire club dresses. (It’s a group he belongs to) Well, I say everyone. The men dress like that. The women in the group dress like hookers with capes, because comics.

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