I have a few pages of house keeping to do before we move on to the next scene and chapter. This isn’t like Kung-Fu theater where the bad guy gasps his last and they roll credits literally 2 seconds after the hero slumps to the ground, exhausted but elated that he’s finally avenged his father and/or master. We won’t linger long though, just want to hit some important notes first. Notes like the girls making jokes about shirtless boys. I figure it was time to balance the scales a bit – not that there’s a direct male equivalent to “girl in corset jumping rope” of course, but it’s something.

There’s been a lot of speculation on how to incarcerate Vehemence. Obviously you couldn’t throw him in general pop or even some a moderately populated super prison since the first riot and he’d be off, and they already know he can start them. I’ll touch on it later, and also maybe cover the fact that Dabbler did stuff to make sure he hadn’t banked a ton of energy or anything, but I’ll leave it at “really really really tied up” for now.

Dabbler will eventually share the story of her arrival on Earth and such, but that’s for the next book.

Oh and I somehow forgot to use a scratchy font for Maxima on the last page, I’ll eventually fix that, but her voice won’t be all “unbelievably strong guy tried to crush my windpipe” forever.

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