I’m sure no one is surprised that Sydney isn’t traumatized by how hot the Asian “5” is. Like Lister, she’s apparently murdered all of her tastebuds over the years and needs to load up else complain about how flavorless something is.

I have to say I’m fairly pleased with the art in this one – full backgrounds and all. Of course it took me like 12 hours to draw. That watercolor mural in the background alone took about 2 hours by itself. I googled “Chinese Watercolor” and pulled a few samples for reference, then sat there experimenting with a few techniques while I watched NOVA on youtube. Working on a full comic like this makes me really appreciate even the most meager attempts at art, at least when the artist is doing backgrounds and getting perspective correct. Just about any comic book has a tremendous amount of man hours in it. You can’t really appreciate it until you plant yourself down and do it yourself.