The more I think about it, the more I think this page should have come before the previous one. I’d have to redraw Sydney without the peacoat though. I may do that when I do my editing for the book cause I think it flows a little better that way. In any case, this isn’t quite the last page of the book, but it is the last page in which that parking lot appears for a long time, Xenu willing.

Let me break this page down by rows since there’s a lot going on. Maxima might say this outright in the comic at some point, but she wouldn’t mind sporting a crooked nose since some people would consider it a -1 to comeliness, which is fine with her, and it makes her look more like a scrapper. The problem with that is she doesn’t want to walk around sporting any particular villain’s trophy injury on her face.

Achilles winds up being either enormously useful in fights, or gets pinned under rubble/tossed over the horizon. It’s about 50/50. Also, what the hell is that poster tube made out of?

Some people have a chronic nervous laugh, some people have something called the Pseudobulbar affect, which is actually a neurological disorder or can be caused by a brain lesion. It causes uncontrollable laughter or sometimes crying. I assume the Joker has this affliction. Deus… just seems to be privy to a joke only he gets. I think I should draw a tablet or something in his hand in that last panel, otherwise it looks like he was staring out the window down at the parking, and his building is nowhere near that fight. Also I realized after I finished the page that I should have revisited the dramatic lightning gag in panel 9, but if I put lightning behind him, then the “oops, busted” look over his shoulder wouldn’t work right. :P

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