And we return to the hilariously spartan comic shop. Actually, my local store, Zeus Comics in Dallas doesn’t have every inch of the walls plastered with posters, but usually when I think of a comic shop, I think of one like in The Big Bang Theory, where no wall is visible, the counters are lousy with toys and there are characters standees in all the remaining spaces.

I hate drawing crowd scenes. I blame the writer. :/ I’d prefer not to have to draw them but at the very least I need to establish the crowd, then I can get away with just drawing the fringe of it. Oh and if you could, ignore the fact that the tube is probably too small for all 7 orbs. They’re smaller than the diameter of the tube, so they can fit in there like o°o°o°o, whatever that’s called. Wavy I guess. Still it’s a stretch. Comic book physics am I right?

I haven’t drawn Joel in about 4 years, it’s a little jarring seeing the difference. I’m glad to get the chance to bring him up to date, though I guess since yesterday he’s taken some vitamins and cleared up his jaundice.

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