A bit of and odd page. I know people were expecting a scene with the orbs coming out and everyone oohing and aahing, but I thought we’ve already seen that a few times in one form or another. Just assumed that happened, the press took lots of pictures and asked obnoxious questions. Eventually Sydney yelled and waved her hands like she does and shooed Joel into the back office to get up to speed.

It really only occurred to me as I was drawing panel 5 of this page that Sydney’s phone should have been going berserk all last night. She had it on her at the restaurant, and every news agency in the world would have been trying to get a hold of her to get quotes and set up interviews, not to mentions her friends. I guess she had all her calls going to voicemail, or more likely she just turned it off after she called her parents. Of course, any reporter looking for information on her would quickly discover that she has a business partner which is why Joel’s phone is loaded up now. I’m sure everyone she’s friends with on facebook has tons of messages from news agencies as well. She’s going to have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Oh and if you’re curious about my misspelling of “news” in the title, it’s a reference to Garry Gnu, from a old kid’s show called The Great Space Coaster. I remember nothing from the show at all, I even had to look up the name of the program, except for the news segment, which was hosted by Gary Gnu, a muppet gnu (wildabeast) and started with his catchphrase, “No gnews is good gnews with Garry Gnu.” The joke being that anything he said starting with an N got an added G sound in front of it which is of course the opposite of how you pronounce gnu. (Though I realize now my title should say “gnews” and not “gnus”. Oh well.)

Update: I’ve posted about a colorist position so if you’re interested, check it out here. (applications are closed now)

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