New comic day (Wednesday, for those of you unaware) is the one day they’re usually both there all day. It’s the only day they get enough traffic to justify it. Otherwise one of them opens, the overlap in the middle, and the other closes. I imagine when they started the shop they had one or two part timers, but eventually couldn’t justify the salary. That’s probably not a problem anymore though. At some point Sydney’s going to have to go over her new schedule with Joel and not surprise him with each new foible.

Sydney’s obviously really asking how many times has Spider-Man saved the world, because the answer to “How many times over would the world have been destroyed” is really just one. Once it’s destroyed the first time, you’re kinda done. I guess like most things though, “destroyed” exists on a spectrum, so you could destroy the Earth slightly more each time. First time, all life is destroyed, second time, lava replaces the oceans, continents sink in to them, third time, the Earth is blown into a new asteroid belt, fourth time the asteroids get sucked into a black hole. You’d have to coordinate though. If the black hole guy showed up first, the lava-continent guy’s going to get pissed. It’s okay though, the power to summon black holes is nothing compared to Spidey’s ability to hang bad guys upside down outside of the police station from a street light.

ComicMIX is doing their annual webcomic tournament again. I don’t want to pester you guys with it like in previous years so I’ll just mention it here once and probably a few times on twitter as the tourney goes on.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.