In today’s comic, we learn that The Mighty Halo can be used for troop transport. Also that she’ll lose anything if it’s not where she expects to find it. I’m like that. There are exactly 3 places I ever leave my keys in my house. If they’re as much as two feet from any of those spots, they might as well be in another time space continuum for all the time it will take me to find them.

#MakeComics: When I started writing this page, all I knew was the first panel was Sydney and Harem leaving the shop amidst a crowd of people, and the last one was Sydney her up with her shield. Everything else just happened as I wrote it. That’s where my crippling ADD comes into play. Honestly, half the visual jokes in the comic are spawned from me getting bored with drawing talking head panels, so I think of some gag to draw instead. Of course it has to fit with the flow of the page. Usually what happens is for every page I write, I come up with a few gags that don’t fit, so jot them down for later. Sometimes I use a gag I banked from earlier, but generally I’m running a net positive.

BTW, assume they’re being bombarded with questions and requests to sign stuff while they’re having their conversation. I just don’t want to waste half the page with stuff like that even though it would obviously be going on.

Here’s the vid of me coloring this page and the last. Just some fleshtones, then right at the end I do one panel of Sydney’s hair and some eyes. I don’t do a lot of streaming so my narration is a bit meandering and I clear my throat a few times right into the mic like a boss, so don’t blast this with headphones on. I’ll reconfigure the mic and practice better narration for future videos and streaming. Speaking of which, here’s my Picarto channel if you want to catch my rare stream.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.