Dabbler’s hammer isn’t a physical hammer, it’s a melee only amnesia spell. I just happens to look like a hammer. It also isn’t a broad spectrum amnesia solution either. When Dabbler starts doing tantric stuff with someone, she can set a marker to roll their memory back to. She can’t just clonk someone with that hammer if they see classified documents or discover she’s really an alien or whatever.

The Barberian (named by you guys) should probably get his own Who’s Who entry at this point. I’ll try and get that up today.

Edit: To clarify one thing for those of you concerned and so you don’t have to go hunting though the comments for my response – Barberian fully knew what he was getting into last night, and he’ll eventually remember most of it, just not some of the more intense aspects. Her wipe spell is a bit like a flashbang, it’s a total whiteout for a while, then stuff mostly returns to normal. I will revisit this on a future page just to make sure it’s clear. 

I was going to do a page of Harem driving with Sydney into the base and touching on the configuration of the building layout, but that would have involved me drawing car interiors and exteriors, roads, and some of the other vehicles Archon keeps in the garage. The real reason I skipped it though was while informative, nothing particularly amusing was going on, and I was having trouble with entertaining dialog. Turns out the previous page may need some clarification, so there might be material there for a bonus page for book 2, like Sydney asking if Harem has to compensate for the Coriolis effect and the like.

I thought “Unicorn Butt Patrol” would get more traction in the comments on the prior page, but as per usual on the Internet, everyone wanted to talk about physics instead. Here are two more treasure troves of bad book covers if you’re interested: Good Show Sir contains lots of older covers, usually painted with some measure of skill, and some of which honestly aren’t all that terrible, but a lot of questionable composition and material. The imaginatively titled Lousy Book Covers has more modern examples, so obviously prepare yourself for bad photography, lousy photoshops, terrible typography and even clipart!

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