Sydney recovered pretty quickly from the prior page there, but she’s not one to let trauma get in the way of a callback. It’s not often I throw in a pause panel even though I generally like humor pause beats. A good stare in reaction to someone doing or saying something stupid is usually pretty funny to me, but I tend to cram so much on a page that I never have space for them. In my head, this page and the next were all one scene, but as I started laying it out I realized I had to break it out to two pages which gave me a little extra space. This particular pause is brought to us courtesy of Maxima catching herself and remembering that Dabbler’s alien origins are still classified, and there’s a room full of recruits behind her. I actually almost forgot myself. I’m not sure at what point the people in Arc-SWAT are told. Sydney certainly wasn’t supposed to find out already. Harem knows and she’s only a corporal. Actually the rank of corporal makes some sense. By the time someone hits that rank you’ve mostly sorted out the chaff and the dropouts, and had time to make sure they’re not religiously zealotous or some sort of crazy Earth for humans type. I mean, if they’re on a team with supers they’re obviously ok with a little diversity.

The only thing that doesn’t play right on this page for me is that on the prior one, Sydney was giving this corner of the room a pretty good stare. Though I can tell you as someone with ADD, there have been moments where I’ve looked right past something  cause I was concentrating on or expecting to see something else. That may not be ADD, that may just be the way brains work sometimes. Anyway, that’s my excuse. Sydney was looking for some poster or diagram that spelled out why they carry guns and ignored what looks at a glance like an engine block. Oh, and here’s a close up of the stickers on it cause I zoom in too much when I draw:








I’m not sure what those Predatorbusters represent since they obviously haven’t been shooting Predators with that thing. Or have they?

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