Trying something out with the panel layout here. Trying fit a lot of dialog in (also known as “my usual amount of dialog”) with fewer panels. Usually I prefer having more back and forth panels so you can see people’s expressions as they talk, but this obviously takes less time to draw and it helps to mix it up the layouts as well.

Maxima’s rejection of Candace’s offer was initially a bit more curt, but as I was drawing the page I was thinking about what her actual position would be on the subject. She’s not a fan of skanky stuff and it doesn’t help her opinion of you if you are, but she’s not against artistic nudes. Her qualm is people viewing her that way first and foremost. She understands there will be or already are a lot of really bad nude photoshops of her (or other nude models with some lazily applied filters) online, and even a few really good ones, but she’d rather not provide a primary source if she can avoid it.

In case Candace’s Everest reference isn’t clear, especially for the English as a second or third language readers, “(blank) is my Everest” is an idiom meaning that (blank) represents a singular and personal challenge for someone. So “Running a Triathalon is my Everest.” or “Eating the 3 pound burger at Crazy Ray’s is my Everest.” Candace is implying that getting to shoot Maxima in the buff would be something of a highlight in a photographer’s career.

Joe Manganiello for those of you who don’t know is the lumberjack looking werewolfy love interest for the main character in True Blood, and more recently he shows up in Magic Mike XXL. He’s basically the male equivalent of a slutty nurse, sexy librarian and enemy spy lady in the PVC catsuit all rolled into one. I mean, I assume. I’m not a straight lady or a gay guy, but he seems pretty ok looking to me. I could have gone with any of a number of hot actor guys, but he just seems like the sort ladies might have on their freebie list of guys they can nail and not get in trouble with their boyfriend. As soon as he showed up in True Blood my first thought was “no doubt about it, this is definitely written either by an earnest woman or a cynical guy.” I know the novels were written by a woman though I have no idea how closely the show followed them.

Thanks for all the vote incentive votes! I know those pencils are a little light, I will try and get that colored the first chance I have, and will attempt to stream it while I do.

This page colored by Keith.

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