And now we know Dabbler’s true mission, to slowly pervert Earth’s mightiest heroes! Ok, that’s not what she’s doing here. I mean… she is doing it, but it’s not why she’s here. It is one of her many hobbies though. She has an easy crowd there, Harem’s open to new experiences and Sydney, well, she didn’t have to be sold on anything.

If I was a girl, I assume I would do very little in the way of body hair maintenance unless I thought it might come up, like going on a date or whatever. Sure, if it’s summer and shorts and tank tops and bathing suits are in order then I would put forth the requisite effort, but I highly suspect during the fall and winter I would be in Wookie Mode. (This is assuming no boyfriend or job at Hooters.) I asked my wife about this and she said all women do this and the ones who say they don’t are lying liars who lie.

I haven’t decided if guys supers can grow beards. I don’t think I’ve put any supers with facial hair in the comic yet so it’s still up in the air. I’m leaning toward no, but that sort of creates a problem if there’s ever a live action version of Grrl Power. There are just some guys who look like they have a 5 o’clock shadow as soon as they’re finished shaving which could create some casting issues, and there probably aren’t a lot of actors who would be willing to have their face waxed.

This page colored by Keith.

I’ve been quite bad about keeping up with messages and things on DeviantArt, so when I finally checked in, I found some fan art pieces waiting, so in no particular order, here they are for those interested:

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