It’s probably obvious what the knowing glances are about, but I won’t spell it out here since it comes up on the next page. Also I reserve the right to change the title of this page, but I sat around for well over an hour trying to think of something clever and my brain was like “nope.”

I don’t know why the locker room has that many lockers. Arc-SWAT doesn’t have that many women in it… well I guess including the non SWAT Archon personnel there are plenty of both gender at the base. I’m not sure how often the Arc-Light personnel use the showers though. They don’t have the same rigorous physical routine as the SWAT folks. The SWAT branch is generally assumed to be on call most of the time unless they’re doing a press event somewhere, and they have rooms on the upper level, like we saw part of Peggy’s a while back. In truth a lot of the personnel from all the branches spend most of their time at the base, it’s just the nature of the job.

How sweet does Harem have it? Being able to stand behind herself to fix up her own hair? The only other way to do that is with a portal gun. Looking at the way Harem is dressed, she’s less Goth and more Harley Quinn fan club today. That’s fine by me, it’s a lot easier to draw than gothic lolita with all the lace and ruffles. How that became a popular thing I don’t quite understand. Not that the style doesn’t have a certain appeal, but there are genuinely few things more tedious to draw than ruffles and lace. Fortunately “goth” in the context of fashion is vague enough that it really means whatever you want. Gothic lolita, evil clown, vampire assassin, or just lots of black clothes and a large eyeliner budget. Also looking at her here it’s obvious I need to make her freckles bigger. They all but disappear when I shrink the page down to web size.

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