If Sydney considers this well handled, it’s possible she’s had some sort of significant episode in the past. Really the only thing I could imagine giving her a worse fit would be something like getting stuck in an elevator with some significant sci-fi/fantasy/superhero icon like Shatner, Nimoy, really any of the main cast of some of the Star Treks or Wars, Stan Lee, Gary Gygax, Pratchett, you know the type. I’m not sure if it would cause some sort of fangasm, or catatonia followed by delayed onset fangasm. It’s safe to assume there’s at least one nerd luminary with a restraining order out against her. Maybe she just considers it a success simply because no one was harmed and she didn’t accidentally light the check on fire.

Lots of funny and amazing names shared on the prior page. It seems the easiest way to avoid some terrible name for your kid is to give Richard a rest for a few decades. Really, just sound out whatever name you’re planning a few times, consider all the nicknames, and if you have a cool last name, give the kid a cool first name, but then maybe something normal for a middle name so they have that to fall back on and they don’t resent you.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.