I’m not sure I’d encourage the duct tape solution if I was Max, but then we didn’t see what happened between this page and the last. It is entirely possible Sydney dropped the ball (so to speak) 5 or 6 more times in the interstitial and arrived at this solution to expedite the actual flying test.

Oh, the last time a made a Street Fighter reference in the comic, quite a few people didn’t get it, so the short version is, there’s a guy named Guile in the game, on of his attacks is the Sonic Boom.


This page colored by Keith.

Whoops, the orbs weren’t arranged correctly originally, and Sydney wasn’t holding the force field orb. She is now. The flight orb gives her a deflector field that helps up to a certain speed, but she needs the force field orb to get over 150-200 mph.

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