Sydney’s wrist-com and choker… (I mean cool tactical throat mic that’s not sexualized at all, especially when Maxima confronted Arianna about it when they were originally proposed…) Anyway, they both have trackers in them, so it would be simple for Maxima to find her.

When you ask people what super power they’d like to have, I think the answer varies based on their demographics. Kids tends to want to fly, partially because that would be awesome and partially because they haven’t thought of more subtle and complex powers like probability manipulation that would let them clean up in Vegas or lotteries or whatever. Especially young males may give you the answer along the lines of “Be able to drive a tank” or “Have a dinosaur as a friend” because the concept of super powers may not be entirely clear to them, though both of those things would certainly be pretty sweet to a 6 year old. Adolescent males will as often as not answer “invisibility”… because they are adolescent males, though that may be an artifact of every generation before recent ones where unlimited access to seeing naked women is a few keystrokes away. “The internet in my head” might be a viable answer these days.

I have little insight into what females of any given age may answer beyond the usual popular choices of flight and, well, to be fair, invisibility still probably ranks highly, though perhaps not for as unrelentingly prurient reasons. A female friend of mine once answered the question with “invisibility” but it was so she could not be noticed… not like a thief, but so she could escape embarrassing social situations.

If I had to pick now, excluding any big universe altering power like one might find on the Infinity Gauntlet, I’d probably go with Harem’s power, so I could draw this comic faster, but also work on one or two other comics I have buzzing around in my head. (And still have time to play video games) That or some sort of skill copying powers like the Taskmaster. I’d go around conventions shaking the hands of all my favorite comic artists and writers. And maybe one guy who was a super successful commodities broker.

Update: Fixed Max’s missing hat logo and posted a wallpaper-ish sized version over at DA.

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