In Math’s defense, those guys were categorized as scrubs because they were all wiped out in about 5 seconds. She’s essentially complimenting Math for taking them down quickly by calling them scrubs. That’s certainly how he’ll relate it later.

Math, of course turned down the Doctor’s healing touch, she had more serious injuries to deal with and of course a busted nose is a good reminder to do better in the next fight. It’s hardly the first time he’s gotten his schnoz shifted. This time it might have actually straightened it out.

There’s a lot of people Maxima could call out for actions in the battle, good and bad. As well as ditching a family event, Jiggawatt took out three people on arrival and was instrumental in Vehemence’s takedown. Achilles ran some interference but could have been a lot more useful, etc. I’m not going to cover the whole battle in the following pages, but assume Maxima recaps it with a fair amount of granularity in between pages. I’m sure some of you could really get into some detailed tactics porn, but I’ll probably just pepper that in as I go during future battles.

BTW don’t concern yourself that in the first panel you can’t see the back of Hiro, Anvil, Dabbler and Math’s heads. There a screen there… a partition… an invisibility partition… ok I just ran out of time and sort of forgot to add them. Pretend that Math spilled some skittles and they all bent over to pick them up. Also if you hadn’t noticed that before I pointed it out just forget about it. *waves hands, snaps fingers* I just felt guilty after I noticed I left them out. Actually now that I look at the layout of the room from the stage, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to see the backs of the chairs in the front row from where the recruits are sitting. *shakes fist at sky* ARCHITECTURE!!!

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