I decided that since I have everyone in the same room I could have people other than the same dozen or so do all the talking. It means again I’m breaking my own rule about not including people into the Who’s Who until they’re properly introduced in the comic, but in this case it’s not spoiling the name of an unknown bad guy or something. Just giving you names to reference in the comments.

Of course just a few pages after joking about how bad guys are never named Kevin because they all have to have cool sounding names, I go and name a guy Konstantin Zaitzev. Granted most Russian names sound pretty cool anyway, well except Sacha, cause in America Sasha is a girl’s name. Not that girls can’t have cool sounding names or be bad guys of course, but you do lose some gravitas if you announce yourself as Penelope: Destroyer of Worlds!

Catherine has some weight to it, as does Morgan, Scarlett, Imogen, Harley, Meredith, Gemma, most of the greek goddesses, Artemis, Hera, etc… Generally though women’s names aren’t meant to sound tough. It also depends on your personal experience with any given name, male or female. If you knew someone who was a real brat or a bully or a crybaby, it will color your perception of a name, and it only takes one dumbass celebrity to ruin a name for a generation.

Archon doesn’t exist in a vacuum of course, and like Zeph said, egos can get in the way of common sense. I joke about other agencies being secretly relieved about handing off potentially super dangerous investigations to them there in that last panel, but it’s incredibly easy to imagine a commander or squad who “aren’t impressed with those so called supers.” Truth be told it could actually pretty straight forward taking down a lot of supers if you were prepared and took them by surprise. A few agencies have done so in the past, (usually lethally) which emboldens others to try, but it’s risky. If you know what a super’s powers are, that evens the odds quite a bit, but if you just think you know what a super’s powers are, that can get you into a lot of trouble. For instance, if you think someone can turn to stone, you could bring a big rifle to take them apart. But if it turns out that person is Concretia, you could find out the hard way that blowing her apart only frees her up to create a new body elsewhere, then you could wind up with someone who can turn to stone who is also armed with a high powered rifle.

It always bothers me in shows when someone with some power, the genre doesn’t matter, could be Fringe, Buffy, SHIELD, Smallville, etc, they’re surrounded by armed cops or soldiers, told to freeze, and they start powering up an attack and takes them all out. I know it’s done for dramatic effect, but the instant that guy started doing anything besides laying down on the ground, he’d be riddled with so many bullets he’d be… let’s see, swiss cheese comparison, dick as a pencil, you get the idea.

Be sure to check out the slightly NSFW vote incentive (there’s prominent underboob) done by Sean Harrington of Spying with Lana. (Definitely NSFW. Like… hard R? Maybe hard PG-13. I don’t know, there’s non-explicit sex all over the place and “almost nudity” on practically every page, but check it out if you get the chance as it’s pretty funny and has great art.) You can comment on it here. Oh, and there’s a speed paint video of the picture here.

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