If you think the chair got it bad, now he straight up needs a new pair of jeans. Inconvenient erections are inconvenient enough on their own, but a teenage boy with super strength would probably need to keep a few extra pairs of jeans in his locker, or buy jeans with quick release snaps in the fly. If there’s ever a Grrl Power After Dark comic, it will probably contain exploding denim.

Dabbler is acting awfully smitten with Barberian, but it’s all part of the service. Some guys are “Yeah, we did it, high five, it’s casual, whatever.” Barberian is in the “Yeah I’m in the rotation but I like to think I’m her favorite.” category, and Dabbler doesn’t mind playing to that. Obviously there’s a much larger spectrum as well. The “I don’t really like that she has a rotation, but as long as I’m included I guess I can’t complain.” all the way to the straight up jealous types, but they don’t get invited to play in the first place.

Since this comic tends to be very moment to moment, I don’t think I’ve really mastered the “passage of time” transition. This takes place in almost the same place as the previous page but Sydney has had enough time to change. Now that I think about it I should have put them down in the lobby or something.

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