Now I want beef brisket noodle soup. :p

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating it. Comments may be a bit slow today as lots of people are away from their usual routines, and instead trying to kill time until dinner is ready by catching up on their favorite webcomics… No wait, then traffic would be flat. Well, whatever.

Harem is evidently privy to a method of speaking in a club that allows you to be heard without screaming. May. Be. You. Talk. In. Be. Tween. The. Beats? Everyone else who came to the club with them is dancing in case you were wondering where they were.

To spare people from zooming in and squinting, Sydney’s dialog in panel 3 is
“Make sure they’re vegetarian! Also see if the cheese is from humanely [cut off]”
“Ask if they have anything hotter than jalapeños!!”
“Maybe see if they have super hot wing sauce or… [cut off]”

Normally I like making each page a complete… clause? I guess that’s the best way to put it. One page isn’t one scene, but I still like wrapping up the main thought on each page and not have obtrusively dangling stuff out there like there is on this one, but as I gear up to the next storyline, not everything that happens on every page will be resolved right away. We’ll have to see how good I am at resisting the urge to throw my hands up and going “Ooh ooh! I know!” when people speculate in the comments.

One thing I could have done better with the comic so far is showing the fervor of the public surrounding the team’s celebrity even in these incipient days. If this was a manga and I had to turn in 12 (or whatever their schedule is) pages a week (and was capable of doing that.) I probably would have padded the page count out a little by showing people being interviewed about how excited or scared they are about the team and individual members. (Mostly excited) Or instead of having a few arms sticking in from off panel on the previous page taking photos, do a whole page of a crowd going nuts as they pull up. Presumably they took a car of some sort and Halo didn’t fly them all in her shield since fitting 5 people in there at once would only leave them with a few minutes of air.) I may yet in the future, even if those pages would be more about mood and pacing than cramming a bunch of jokes and dialog in to a single page. (Actually I thought of a decent gag as I was writing that paragraph so maybe I’ll save a few of those up and eventually do a page like that.)

Another reminder about the Amazon associate link. I think most people know how that works by now, but just in case you don’t, click on it then shop like normal, then I get a % of the sale without it costing you anything extra. I just thought of this too, when you distribute your Xmas wish list to your friends and family, (if that’s how your family do) you can also give them links via that associate link and trick them into supporting the comic. At least I think you can. Everyone try that. For science and stuff.

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