Wow only too 38 comics to introduce a second main character. Ok I admit I could probably use a little editorial oversight at times but I think the ride has been fun so far.

This comic is probably a good example of how not to draw a comic. Any time you need to put arrows to show the flow of the panels, you’re doing something wrong, but I couldn’t figure out how else to lay it out so that I had a nice big panel of Max there at the end. Also, there are two conversations going on. Originally, the background conversation between Max and the robber took place after her reveal and it was mostly shots of her face as she smarted off to him, but then I realized that page didn’t really end with any kind of punch. Doing it this way, I admit it’s dense, but it hits on the reveal, allows me to squeeze in another joke and now I’ve positioned everyone for what happens next. There’s probably a more elegant way to have done all this but at least this way I got to draw that last panel of Sydney which makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

If you want to see two pages that were sort of mashed together to make this page, click here. The art is well over a year old (digging it out of the reject pile I’m surprised at how much it’s improved) and obviously a lot of other things have changed, but I thought some of you might dig a look at something from the reject pile.

Oh I’ve also added a comments subscription checkbox so that option is available if that’s your thing.

Background entertainment while I drew: Tom Baker Doctor Who’s on Netflix.