Wow, only 90 pages to get through this day, as opposed to 295 from the previous one. I’m tightening that writing right up!

As superpowers go, the ability to give someone insomnia is, well, best used strategically. Still, people would learn to be very reticent about fighting that guy. Hopefully he’d have the sense not to call himself the Insominator. I’m not saying this is what happened to Sydney, it just occurred to me while I was writing the page.

Low level super powers used strategically and stealthily can wreak a lot more havoc than you’d initially think. Mur Lafferty’s book Playing for Keeps takes this to an extreme level with some semantic games, but is still a pretty good read. I may have mentioned this before, but allow me to give you my Jedi spiel. Basically Jedi’s are a collection of very low level powers employed smartly in a world with no other super powers beyond technology. Luke could barely yoink his lighsaber, Vader could rip some machinery off the walls and toss it around. Considering they didn’t flatten Luke, lets say it was… 100 lbs worth. Yeah, Yoda picked up an X-Wing, but he was a grand grand grand master, and I suspect he’d couldn’t pull that off in a fight. They have danger sense, just enough to dodge or deflect blaster fire, their lightsabers are designed to take advantage of this skill. In the prequel movies, they could run fast and jump high, but still not much more than that. (I guess those are still considered canon, but The Force Awakens seemed to go out of its way to not mention anything that happened in them. I’m certainly fine with pretending they never happened. Well, the clone trooper vs. droid fight at the end of Ep II was pretty cool, but nothing beyond that.) A Thor or Wonder Woman tier superhero would crush a Jedi without trying, but if it came down to a mid level superhero like Cyclops or Cyborg, it would be a crap shoot. Jedi training would go a long way, but initiative and creativity would be the deciding factor. I assume a lightsaber could deflect Cyclops’s beam, but he can also do a wide beam or rake it across the ceiling then gut shot the Jedi when they’re deflecting that. Of course a Jedi could force yoink Cyclops’s visor off if he realized it was important

This all ignores The Force Unleashed games, which were fun but totally not canon. Starkiller could probably take on Jean Gray Phoenix or Goku. The name Starkiller, by the way, is an homage to the original original draft of Star Wars, wherein Luke’s name was Deak Starkiller. (Actually he was Anakin’s brother but got shuffled down the continuity and became his son before thankfully being renamed.) The name also appears in the new movie but let’s give people a few more weeks before we start spoiling things about that in the comments. Anyway, in the first Force Unleashed game, Starkiller force pulls a Star Destroyer from low orbit and crashes it into the ground while fighting off Tie Fighters on foot. In Marvel Superhero RPG terms, that’s like Class 5000 telekinesis.

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