Kivuli is Swahili for ghost or shadow. In case you have cause to casually slip that in to a conversation.

Deus may have been slightly overprepared for this meeting. But hey, if you’ve got the resources, why not bring a half dozen super powered guns to a knife fight? Sure some people might call you a dirty cheater. If they survive to tell the tale that is. You know, history, winners, etc.

I like how they’re all wearing reasonably effective looking tactical armor, but Vale is still rocking the V to the navel evil henchwoman look.

Our chatty Geatish friend is actually a cameo character from Grrl Power super pal Patreon Sean Mnoholitny. Don’t worry about him too much yet, he’ll be more of a slow burn reveal.

Lots of good comments about the good and evil and ethics on the last page. Some people pointed out that Deus might be calling out Indinge as a real piece of crap in order to justify his actions, actions which he might have taken regardless. Or maybe he did what he did only because of Indinge’s character. There seemed to be general agreement in the comments that motivation plays a factor in determining the ethics of actions, and at this point only Deus knows what his real reasons are.

I thought it was interesting that no one I saw (apologies if I missed it) brought up the fact that we consider Maxima a good guy, even though during the press conference she admitted to killing an indeterminate number of supers. Yes, she was a soldier under orders, which definitely speaks to motivation. Some people accept that as justification for killing, some people don’t. A sterile discussion about ethics may still suggest a life lost is a life lost, but can be myopic to global and long term concerns. Again, I think it comes down to the most good done via the least harm.

Some of the supers Maxima killed were definitely protecting an evil regime ruled by an evil man, some might have been forced to fight by the regime, and some may have had nothing do to with the army, but were just defending their country against an invading force. For the (classified) record, Maxima didn’t commit wholesale slaughter. She killed the ones that absolutely were there to kill her or other American soldiers, and whenever possible she tried the shock and awe approach, that is, she whooped their asses hard and publicly so word got around that fighting her was hopeless. I.E. quickly demoralize into surrender to minimize the total harm done. That’s not to say she didn’t enjoy cutting lose a little, but she wasn’t flying around snapping necks and incinerating infantry either.

I updated the vote incentive. I mean, it’s just the inks but it’s progress. The good news is I’m pretty sure I’ll have a piece for the Valentines Day Sex Drive thing I do each year, since it’s the only chance I have lately to flex my perv muscle. Not like that you pervs!

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