Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I maybe should have arranged this sequence to end on the last page and that hot one liner, but I couldn’t help contrasting that scene with Deus being a goofball in front of his henches. I admit I’m also a fan of those rare scenes in movies where they don’t cut at the optimal moment, and you get to see what happens right after the big cool moment. I imagine a lot of the times there’s a bunch of henchmen chuckling smugly, then it winds down, followed by an awkward silence, then the boss exiting stage left, but it’s like 70 feet to get to his ready room, and the only sound is his loud ass footsteps.

I did also want to show Deus bringing the prince around, at least in that moment. The fact that Chtillia at least is watching home movies with them two rows back might have had something to do with his quick acquiescence as well.

For those of you waiting for the return of Sydney and her antics, fear not. A few pages and we’ll be back with her and the rest of the crew. I spent this week penciling Sydney’s return and she’s in fine form if I do say so myself.

This page colored by Keith, who pointed out that Deus sort of looks like David Boreanaz, which I can see, but is totally unintentional.

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