Woo! It’s good to be getting back to Sydney, up to her usual… antics is really the only word for it. If they ever make a reality TV show about Sydney, she should be fighting crime while traveling across the country and they should call it the Antics Roadshow.

13 panel page too. Yup, everything’s back to normal. :/

Apparently normal Army bootcamp starts you at 4:30 which is just painful to think about. The last time I was up at 4:30 it was because I hadn’t gone to bed yet. Archon starts their day off a little later because they stay up later. Arc-Boot doesn’t take place in isolation, they knew from the beginning that even the recruits would be in high demand for interviews and public appearances. The second wave of recruits might follow a more traditional route, but by the time they roll around the public will probably be champing at the bit for new super celebs.

I live in Texas, so naturally I hate hot weather. “Jacket weather” or colder is best for me, but it comes with a major drawback. I shock the crap out of myself about 50 times a day when it’s cold. Doesn’t matter if I’m walking around in socks, wearing shoes or slippers with rubber soles, or if I’m barefoot (which admittedly is rare cause my toes get cold.) I once actually destroyed a mouse by zapping it so bad something inside it got fried. Well, I zapped it a zillion times and one time the buttons suddenly stopped working. I learned to shock myself on something not attached to my computer first to avoid any more expensive replacements.

Something I’ve decided to start doing is posting double resolution pages over at the Patreon for all supporters. ($1 and up, but feel free to contribute as much as you like :) Unfortunately Patreon doesn’t have a way to schedule posts as far as I can tell so I’ll post it as soon as I get up today and link it here.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.