I think I’ve mentioned it before, but Maxima has a field that runs through her body down to the cellular level which massively enhances her structural integrity and strength. This field bleeds out a bit from her body and protects her clothing against all but the most significant attacks. Hiro’s powers don’t bleed out like Maxima’s, and as a result, his clothing is much more vulnerable to the rigors of the super lifestyle. It’s also why Maxima can one arm an ambulance over her head without ripping off the bumper, and why Hiro has to center himself under something and gently tip it up to get his hands on more structurally sound bits. i.e. Hiro’s shirt are in constant jeopardy. Sometimes his pants as well, but usually people aim for center mass in a fight. Stalwart is somewhere in between.

There’s no one on the team who can make concrete set faster, but if you’re talking about moving stuff that normally requires expensive and slow moving cranes, then the team can indeed be quite a boon with assembling all the parts, as well as clearing rubble. Anyone with super strength and flight would never be out of an extremely well paying job in this world.

Sydney was fine with the Sexy Picture Exchange Armistice until just now. Being a nerd and a girl, she is part of a population that still skews male. Not nearly as hard as it used to, but in most gaming group she’s a part of, there’s usually 3-5 guys and 1-2 girls. For that reason she’s used to being a somewhat rarefied commodity and therefor sought after. However now she’s part of a group that skews female, and all of her teammates are in her mind, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s, so it just didn’t occur to her up to this point that she might be required to participate.

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