Super powered janitorial duty isn’t glamorous, but it’s a team effort. Sometimes you’re the striker, and sometimes you’re the guy painting the lines on the field. Or hosing down the bleachers.

There’s probably plenty of things Sydney could be doing at a construction site besides just sweeping and scooping, buuuut, someone needs to be doing it and she is still just a recruit.

Unfortunately for Sydney, Jiggawatt can’t use the radio when she’s arc-stepping (not to be confused with ArcSTEP, Archon’s dance division, which totally exists). In some ways, Jiggawatt is a better teleporter than Harem. She can take slightly more (inanimate) mass with her, but she needs line of sight, or at least an indirect path, as she can jump into then through several sufficiently large/dense clouds before coming back down. A single arc-step is about as fast as Harem, but each extra bounce adds time, and Harem can potentially go much further in a single ‘port.

I guess Sydney’s wrist comp was making her arm sweaty, so she took it off. ¬.¬

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