This is one of my favorite pages I’ve done in a while, just cause I’ve been negligent about slipping in pop-culture references lately. (harder to do during PT, etc) So I thought I’d dump a bunch all in one spot. Hopefully you guys will have fun trying to identify them, but a few notes. Most of these are pulled from comics, movies, etc where there is a definitive version to replicate here. Some of them are gimmies, but a few of them are from books that don’t have movie version yet.  So I used either a cover painting as reference or a replica someone made that features high on google image searches, so there’s some slipperiness there. Also, the two handed khopesh at the top is a sword of my own design for a character that might eventually show up in this comic or another one, in a fantasy universe where I have infinite time to draw (or at least write) multiple comics, so don’t kill yourself trying to ID it.

There’s obviously a lot of weapons I could have included in Deus’s collection, but I mostly went for some of the most recognizable ones, with a few more obscure weapons thrown in for good measure.

Imagine if Deus told Sydney he was going to scrap them all for legendary crafting materials. I don’t know what her reaction would be to that since she’s still trying to figure out what he was implying about them being replicas, or if he was messing with her since he knew she would take the bait.

Normally I reserve the double res pages for the Patreon folks, but today’s page will obviously benefit from the extra size if you’re trying to identify the swords, so have at it. I’ll post this as soon as I wake up (Patreon doesn’t have a way to schedule posts yet.) Actually a wallpaper of that panel might be in order, so I may put that up as well if there are requests for it.

GP0408-swordsIn the meantime, here is a numbered version so people don’t have to describe “the sword next to the one on the stand – not on the middle of the pedestal, but the one next to the (incorrectly identified) sword.”


Edit: There’s now a wallpaper sized version over at DeviantArt.



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