Standard elevator rules Sydney. Stare forward, no talking, respect twice the normal personal space. Same as when you’re at the urinal. Not that… Sydney has ever used one.

I guess Vale could take comfort in knowing Sydney is slightly intimidated by her, or else she wouldn’t be blabbering. As much.

I know the definition of all those “word play” terms Sydney’s throwing around are written down out there for anyone to look up. People with English degrees need something to do after all, but even after reading about puns, malapropisms, eggcorns, spoonerisms, entendres, double and otherwise, etc, they all seem pretty pun adjacent, so it’s no wonder Sydney is confused. Confused but mostly just needing to fill the silence, since a comic is a sub-optimal place to do a joke about Deus piping speed metal into the elevators instead of muzak.

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