Arianna and her team are probably already fielding several dozen offers from all sorts of companies for each and every member of the team. Deus has slightly more access than a Hasbro exec, but only just – you can be sure there will be action figures of the team. Maxima especially will have tons of offers, and in addition to easing her into the idea, Deus is also kind of calling dibs on her endorsement time by putting the offer out there so early.

For the snooty alcoholics in the crowd, that’s a bottle of 40 year old Glenfiddich on the table, which goes for just shy of $4,000 per bottle. I’m not sure if Deus is trying to impress Maxima, (ok he definitely is) or if he or even Max is a just booze snob. I assume 40 year old scotch is pretty good relative to other scotch. I don’t drink a lot, and when I do it’s basically liquid candy, like Mudslides or Alien Secretions so I wouldn’t know expensive scotch if you threw it in my face. In fact the only scotch I know I like is butterscotch schnapps mixed with root beer. It’s… very sweet.

In my mind Maxima is channeling Peter Dinklage there in panel 3.

I haven’t recommended any webcomics lately, but I found one that compelled me to read all the archives in a single go. It’s called the Pigeon Gazette, and it’s a… I guess semi-autobio comic about a gal who really reminds me of Sydney quite a bit at times, albeit with slightly more crippling social anxiety issues from time to time – but you know, in a funny way. Here’s a link straight to the archives cause it’s posted on Tumblr, so there’s no other way to read from the beginning. Not that there’s really an ongoing story. Anyway, check it out, and support her Patreon if you’re so inclined. Her comic is hilarious and she should have all the monies.

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