Deus actually isn’t too bad at this. Maxima gets paid well, but not that well. But still he knows just dropping a check on her by itself isn’t going to move the needle.

After I wrote this page I looked up Tiger Woods’s Nike contract, and apparently I thought he was getting paid quite a bit more than he actually was. His contract was a 5 year contract for $40 million in total, then another $100M over 5 years, not per year, so Deus’s offer is… pretty good. I think I was thrown off when I heard estimations of Woods’s total net worth during the whole divorce kerfuffle. Obviously he had more revenue streams than just the one endorsement. Anyway, a quarter billion isn’t nothing to Deus, but then he would be getting value for it, and if nothing else, Maxima would be tantalized by the idea of a generation of little girls growing up eschewing heels for combat boots.

I think putting 80 year old scotch on a $3000 suit might actually make the suit more valuable, given what that stuff must go for per bottle.

Now, while I do normally stick a lot of pop culture references there in the background, I should say than the stuff in panel 2 is… well, I’ll just tell you this time. There’s the Maltese Falcon and the shard from the Dark Crystal on the shelf. The rest is either nonsense or stuff that’s actually there for a reason. I thought I should call out the two actual refs before someone sprains something trying to identify “…that key is the one Buffy used to open the crypt in episode…” no, it’s just a fancy bottle opener.

I am working on a new vote incentive. It’s about half penciled, hope to have it up maybe by Thursday’s comic, if not then next Monday’s by the latest.

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