So yeah, turns out, Max’s trajectory to superdom was a little different than usual. This gets expanded on a little in the next page, but basically all that Deus knew was one year Max came back from summer break gold, and given there are no other gold skinned supers as far as anyone knows, he thought it might be worth looking into.

I guess Max’s family is the sort that visits museums at 9am on a Tuesday. I wasn’t being lazy by not drawing other people, there actually wasn’t anyone there to witness what happened to her. Not that the event seems significant on its own, she just got splashed with “geode” “water.” She even told her parents when she found them, but by then it had all “evaporated.” She was like “I just got a mouthful of geode water.” And her dad was all “So I guess you don’t want your 7up?” But like I said, more info on the next page.

As for why baroque art is right by the geology exhibit, uh… the museum is remodeling the baroque wing? Cause, you know, it needed fixing?

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