The attentive reader might realize this class has been a while coming. Part of the reason I put it off was I couldn’t think of good funny content for the class itself… Well, I could, but I’d rather have that stuff show up in the comic as actual faux pas Sydney commits on camera, hence skipping the class in the comic.

She doesn’t put a dollar in the swear jar (AKA “The Vault”) for every bad word she says, instead she sticks a five in for each tirade. It’s quite a bit cheaper that way. While this system was initially designed by her mother a punitive measure, she uses it now as a sort of savings account that she cashes out once a year, the way some people use their tax return. She can always tell when she’s had a frustrating month because she’s reduced to eating ramen the last week of the month as her discretionary monies swell The Vault. At least that used to be the case. She’ll probably keep it up now that she has a considerable superheroing income, but she might up the penalty payment a bit.

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