Another one of Sydney’s official unofficial powers. It’s a pretty useful ability, especially when combined with flying.

Sydney could fly around in a sandwich board saying that Max and Hiro are dating in front of News Street – a street I made up that’s like Wall Street but it’s a street with all the big newspapers and news stations – anyway, Sydney could do that and you still couldn’t blame her for for all the fictional pairings people would come up with. There’s people shipping Max and Anvil, Max and Dabbler, Dabbler and everyone else on the team (at the same time), Max and themselves, Sydney and themselves, Hiro and Stalwart, all 5 Harems with each other and then the cast of the Expendables, whatever. That’s why Arianna’s not really all that concerned about who done it – just the potential for an actual scandal.

This sort of thing will happen more and more now that they’re out. I haven’t really done much media stuff with them since the press conference. Just Max’s photo shoot and smattering in a few press types in the background when they go out and do stuff. I guess there were a few panels of people taking shots of them at the club too, but eventually there will be talk show and news interviews and the like.

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