This sort of hyper-vigilance may be the best way to mitigate Sydney for a while. She’s obviously not ever intentionally trying to be hurtful, but her track record of absent mindedly saying the first thing that comes to her mind speaks for itself. Ok, sometimes she is trying to be hurtful, but someone has to actively incur her wrath for that to happen.

Lucas appeared one time before, (and actually I should go back and put Specs sitting next to him) Really as I introduce new Archon regulars characters I should retroactive them into that page. Arc-LIGHT obviously consists of more than a half dozen people, and Arc-SPARQ is more than just Digit and Omar.

Lucas is tooling around on the cruiser equivalent of a Segway. (The little wheel in the back is connected to steps that swivel out.) Something he’s designed and added to over time. I always thought if I was stuck in a wheelchair, I’d want some mobility solution that put me at eye level with everyone else. It doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard to make – basically a wheel high chair. Tipping would be an issue as the center of gravity went up, but I think you could design around it, and also make it so it would fold back down in to regular chair height. A little person doesn’t have the sudden loss of height to adjust to, but being able to converse at eye level is probably something that crosses their minds on occasion, and Lucas’s solution was to pimp out his ride. There’s a iPad on the dash, probably a horn, headlights, drink holder, miscellaneous storage, and a sound system, cause why not?

Now that I look at this page I think I actually made him too short. He’s slightly taller than Sydney here, at least while on his chariot, but really he’d probably shoot for 5′ 8″ – 6′. Also he’s supposed to be about 4′ 4″ but he looks closer to 3′ 6″ or something. Oh well, blame it on perspective and move on I guess.

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