Yes, I’m aware I used the sound effect “KA-BUN” on the previous page and not “KA-HARE.” Basically just because KA-BUN was funnier sounding. And Sydney glossed right over it so we should too…

The species drift thing with the lycans seems like something that could make for some interesting drama… if this was a comic about lycanthropes. As it is I’ll leave it for one of the multiple spin off comics I’ll never have time for. Let’s see, so far there’s Arc-LIGHT adventures, as briefly glimpsed on this page (by the way I’m well aware blood banks don’t keep open swirling vats of blood around, panel 3 is just what Sydney is imagining happened.) Basically it’s BPRD meets Fringe. Then there’s Demon High, as briefly glimpsed here. There’s actually probably some others I’m forgetting about.

Anyway, Katrina is slightly off about it being intra-genus drift, or at least she’s simplifying it for brevity’s sake. Basically there’s like a 1 in 10-12 chance of an intra-species drift, so a werewolf might spawn a were-dog, a 1 in 40 chance of an intra-genus drift, so a werewolf might spawn a were-jackal. Roughly 1 in 100 chance of an intra-family drift, so werewolf to were-fox, and about a 1 in 750 chance of an intra-order drift, so werewolf to were-tiger. From there it spikes. ~1 in 10,000 chance of intra-class drift (werewolf to were-rabbit or were-gazelle) and no one knows if there’s a chance of an intra-phylum drift because as far as anyone knows lycantropy is restricted to mammals. No were-fish or were-birds. That isn’t to say the Grrl-verse (I guess that’s really the term I’m using) doesn’t have humans who can turn into bird of fish hybrids, but they’re something other than lycans.

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