Now we’re starting to get to some of that plot stuff I keep hearing about. Really the explanation Ingsol is about to drop should be fairly self evident, given what all you guys know about the things Sydney has seen, like at the club (and even some of the things she’s missed, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

It’s weird in a lot of shows I’ve seen that the supernatural elements get by on nothing more than simply not getting caught. A lot things can mess with their victims’ memories, but that would be an increasingly unreliable method of escaping detection in an age of camera proliferation, be they cell phones, traffic or dash cams. Yes, sometimes creatures futz with electronics too, causing brown outs or having mini EMP auras or whatever, but an agency motivated to catch such creatures could pretty easily track those sorts of disruptions. In other words, their primary means of escaping detection would actually become a liability when facing a properly equipped foe.

The Veil is a more comprehensive solution, but it’s hardly something some Clurichaun hiding in your cellar or a Leshi hiding in the woods could ever enact, (yeah, I can google obscure mythological creatures) much less the Bunnicula in your pen.

I’ve updated the vote incentive with some art I was practicing with. I’ve tried several methods to color the comic. The basic one is just pick colors from the palette and color away. Effective but not super efficient. Lately I’ve been putting in flat colors, then doing a multiply layer for shadows and an add layer for highlights. Slightly more efficient but the colors tend to look a little samey since everything is tinted similarly. I’ve gotten around that by going back in and adjusting the hues of the multiply later in certain areas, especially skin tones, but that doesn’t help with the efficiency. This latest version involves painting in all the tone values in black and white, then slopping some color overtop of it, mostly in a soft light layer. This is my first attempt with the technique and I think it came out ok, I’ll have to do a few more tries with it to see if it’s a practical choice for the comic, but if for no other reason, I like it because it’s really easy to do stuff like add a little red to noses and blush on cheeks without losing the tonal values. Granted the eyeshadow on Harem (that’s supposed to be punk Harem with a different haircut – I followed my reference picture a little too closely) makes it look like she’s been rubbing her eyes or something, but like I said it’s literally my first attempt with the technique. More to come hopefully.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon as soon as I get up. $1 and up, but feel free to contribute as much as you like :)

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