Ingsol asserting the member races are monsters on the inside isn’t really supported by their behavior so far. Even Grumpy Gus Azilus was making a fair point.

I’m not entirely sure if it will come up in the comic, at least in this scene, (I haven’t written this far ahead) but there are really strict rules about fighting of any kind in the Council chamber. They learned long ago in order to be productive that civility needs to be enforced, by force if necessary. Some groups with irreconcilable grievances boycott the meetings, but then of course they don’t get to participate in the decision making process. So it’s either show up (and behave) or shut up. Actually Maxima has been pushing the limits of acceptable behavior by growling at her subordinates, but since she’s limiting it to her own group and waving her fists at the Elves or something, it’s flying under the radar for now.

#MakeComics In the interest of tightening up the pages and doing some semblance of editing, I cut some stuff from this page. I also just didn’t have room on the page if there was any chance of making the art non-microscopic. I figured I’d include it here in a shameless attempt to eat my cake and have it too. :)

Ingsol (speaking in one of those yellow caption blocks): I won’t belabor this point, as we’ve all seen the projections on the loss of life, human and otherwise, should there be a catastrophic failure. Not to mention the extended social, religious, political and economic reverberations would change the course of world.

This dialog over a picture of a board room full of executives jumping out of their chairs in alarm while a Lamia in board room pointing at chart, unaware her snake butt hanging out of her skirt, saying “What? It’s not that bad guys we only missed goal by 4%”

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