I know I covered the contents of this page in the comments for the last comic, but it’s safe to assume that 90% of people who read the comic never venture into the comments area, and I figured this needed to be said in the comic itself.

I like how the cops are just standing there in the first panel, like they’re afraid to walk up to Maxima. I suppose I should just say that she’s already presented her credentials to them, though I’m not sure how that would work since she’s a colonel, sure, but of an organization that no one has heard of yet. Maybe that’s what the cops are discussing.

And I also thought I’d mention that I’ve set up a Deviant Art page with some older pictures of the characters, I’ll eventually post other stuff there once I’ve… you know, drawn it, or if I dig it out of some directory it’s been squirreled away in. The link is up with the Facebook and Twitter ones.