The problem with action pages is that I usually feel like there’s less for me to comment on down here, at least in comparison to a more typically neurotically exposition laden pages with a dozen panels.

So… yup. The door blew up. Someone obviously has an issue with The Council. That or the Girl Scouts are getting super aggressive.

Usually phones are kind of all or nothing with the notifications. Either on or off – though there’s probably apps that give you more control than that. I mostly use my phone to browse Reddit when I have a few minutes of down time and I’m not sitting in front of my computer. Of course the team isn’t exactly running stock Android on their team phones, so they can customize their notification with more fidelity than usual. A lot more focus on security, including the inability to install any app willy nilly. (I mean, they can install Peggle, sure, along with some white listed stuff that’ve been thoroughly vetted.) Also there is definitely a “Really silent for real cause I’m being stealthy around bad guys and I want to avoid the trope of my phone going off cause the producer decided there hasn’t been an action scene in 12 minutes” button.

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