Icon is a suit of sentient armor “cursed to wander the Earth, forever in search of a hero” Or something like that. It’s not literally a curse, he just outlives his “pilots,” or at least outlasts his partners’ useful adventuring career.

Though he (I say he for simplicity even though Icon is obviously genderless) can benefit from The Veil and walk about in the mortal world (as long as he stays away from MRI machines) he’s fairly content to just stand around like an empty suit of armor when nothing is going on. Having no biological processes or urges, he is largely indifferent to the passage of time. Obviously the days of walking around in full plate and taking on the world is long past, so lately he busies himself with affairs of The Council and advocates for the interest of other Sapient Animates. Although he does occasionally resume adventuring with the Semper Vigilantis when the case is suitable.

Wearing the Cape 6I’ll make another mention of Wearing the Cape: Team-Ups & Crossovers. Sydney’s first Crossover! (It’s just one section of the book, but this is a canon story for Sydney and co., set just in the future of the events of the comic. If you haven’t read the Wearing the Cape, <- there’s a link to the first book. It’s one of my favorites. (Along with Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, the Renegade-X series, Kid Sensation, and others.)

I’ve made a dedicated blog post for the book, so enjoy! :)

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