Hey, I think they’re up to something. Oh, and in panel 3 the bats don’t literally say “Form of a Vampire.” I just thought it was funny. But if you do want to imagine it, obviously they’d do it in a chorus of high pitched squeaky voices.

So yeah, there’s probably an interesting story behind Sciona’s current situation. Yup. And obviously she’s a pretty tough cookie in the first place, cause most people don’t just walk off a boo-boo like that.

Zova’s name is Zvonamir, but Gunnhildr calls him Zova because it’s easier for her to say. That Z to V transition trips her up, even though listening to this Old Norse, she probably wouldn’t really have an issue with it. But really, how often does she get to speak it these days?

Happy the-day-after-new-years-day off if that’s how your workplace or school swings.

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