Pixel is extremely unusual in having disparate power sets. Not necessarily unique, but it’s hard to get scientists who can study her without being read in on the whole lycanthopy thing. Of course there are some who know the whole shebang, but even so it a complicated field even more complicated. There’s so many variables they need extra alphabets to notate them all.

As a recon mission goes, this has long been a disaster, but they’re just doing due diligence as far as Arc-SWAT and The Council are concerned. Standing on the roof opposite your target and lighting yourself up against the horizon, obviously not ideal, but in Sydney’s defense, she only just started actually shouting on this page. Ok, the thing about the hacking of the bladder was kind of loud too. Pixel’s not too worried though. Even if there are husks there, she’s confident she can at least avoid them, and the rest of them will be safe under Sydney’d shield if it comes down to it. Still, Sam Fisher would be disappointed. As would Corvo, Garrett, and “Marked Ninja” who is the main character from “Mark of the Ninja.”

Speaking of which, anyone named Mark should automatically have the middle name “Ofthe” Sure, Mark Ofthe Jones doesn’t sound quite as cool, which is why under my rules, only people with cool last names would be named Mark. Hunter, Drake, King, Magnum, Voldemort, you get the idea.

BTW that stamp on the first panel says “T&A POSE” and has one of four X’s filled in. I know it looks like “tea pose” but that’s just the particular font’s ampersand.

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This page colored by Keith.

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