This is the power Sydney bought the first time the skill grid came up. Yes, sometimes I plan stuff waaaaaay in advance. Sometimes I’m like “heh heh, that’s a funny joke, I should totally edit this page I’ve already started drawing.” Mostly there’s more planning. Mostly.

This is definitely an inopportune time for Sydney to learn about her new ability though. Obviously she should have spent more time training with her orbs before now, but being a newly minted superheroine has kept her pretty busy. The comedy of errors currently underway will probably reprioritize her training in the future.

As some have pointed out, the situation should never have gotten this far, but this site was supposed to be a “confirm site is abandoned and move on” situation. Not that every plan goes according to plan, but Maxima thought that between Pixel being in charge and Sydney’s shield and other abilities that an away mission would be acceptably low risk and make for good training. There’s just been a confluence of events all of a sudden which is causing the current crisatunity.

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