Well shoot, I wrote this post then somehow refreshed the page before I uploaded it. :P Well, here is the slightly less coherent 3am version. Edit: It turns out CTRL+R reloads a page in Chrome (at least). I guess I hit that instead of SHIFT+R when I went to type the page title.

This Super Husk is weird in that in seems to be able to copy super powers when no one knows how they work. Plucking some attribute out of Lycanthrope blood is relatively easy by comparison, but Super attributes – this suggests that Sciona might have some workable ideas about it, or she’s found a way to fake it somehow. This would be a puzzling tactic, because if Sciona can fake super powers, why make the thing have to go through the motions of scanning blood, and more importantly, why not just give it a bunch of powers from the get go? Probably some limitation of the blood magic, but still, that’s not much of a limitation.

Of course the next questions are; how many powers can it duplicate at once? Can it store and rotate them out or is it limited to X number and it’s first in first out, and also are the powers it copies at the same power level or does it have its own internal power source to feed them? And most importantly, is there anyone without blood available to fight it?

Oop, I just realized Sydney has all 7 orbs over her head while she’s got her shield activated. I’ll get that fixed when I get up.

This page colored by Keith.

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