Sydney probably shouldn’t be telling anyone outside of the team about the visit with The Council, but the only information she’s given the two of them was that the team was doing something a few nights ago, (and everyone already knew they were having dinner at some place in New York) and a female bad guy was involved. The way she sees it, the team is always going to be doing something or other, and Sydney was told not to tell anyone about The Council or vampires or aliens or anything like that, and she didn’t.

I partially wanted to put this page in for the people who complain that the comic’s been around for 6 years and only 3 days have passed. Well, now it’s been like 5. Sydney gets Tuesdays Wednesdays and Saturday mornings in the comic shop, as per her arrangement with the team. (For some reason I was thinking new comic day was Tuesday) Don’t worry, with Sydney grounded and the brass and Arc-LIGHT trying to figure out where Sciona absconded to, we the readers haven’t missed much. Sydney’s basically been sequestered at the base, sitting in class being bored while learning Law Enforcement 101 stuff, and trying to learn how to shoot straight. I’m sure there were probably several hilarious moments, but in the interest of advancing comic time a bit, you’ll have to imagine those for yourself.

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